Amproprification Recordings Offline

After some experiments and long consideration I have decided to take offline most audio recordings of the Amproprifications. I understand now that the difference between the live experience and the recordings is so huge that some major aspects of the pieces are lost.
The setting in which musicians perform an acoustic piece of music that is simultaneously being fragmented and modulated into an electroacoustic one has crucial implications that go far beyond spatialisation. It touches the very core of the series, its purpose and concept. Hence, it feels inappropriate to publish versions of the pieces that are purely electronic and fail to simulate the actual scenario. By taking this decision, I may on one hand lose a part of my audience. On the other, I hope that by limiting those pieces to be experienced in concert settings, I might encourage people to come to those events. Although there are going to be exceptions, most of the Amproprifications seem to be a kind of electroacoustic music that only works in its originally intended format: the concert.