Control Issues

Finished 2020
Music for Motorfaders
duration: arbitrary

Control Issues is a series of pieces in which the standard hierarchy of power between control devices to music software or even electronic music instruments is reversed: the controllers are being turned from interfaces into instruments, they are being liberated, removed from their states of passivity and put into a mode of action.
In Control Issues, the reversal of power hierarchies is being put into a perceptible form that is playful and meaningful at the same time.
The online version of Control Issues allows you to perform the pieces of the series on your own hardware, directly from the browser. All you need is a suitable MIDI control device connected to your computer and a compatible browser and you can start right away: CHECK IT OUT

Modern hardware devices for controlling music software do not only have the ability to send data to software in order to control it and - by extension - the music. Very often they allow for the communication to flow in the other direction as well: they allow for the software to send data back to the controller in order to change the state of its control elements. Hence many fader boxes and other controller devices can be remote-controlled by software.
The online version of the Control Issues

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