Personal Data

Finished 2013
a verbal performance on communication monitoring for at least 5 performers
duration: 1'30'' - 2'30''

In the Summer of 2013, the case Snowden/NSA revealed that a rather old dystopian nightmare had already come true. A large number of publications have since given us shocking information on how powerful the secret monitoring programs really are. The individual citizen seems to be quite powerless against those attacks on our freedom. It is my belief that art has a responsibility to react. "PERSONAL DATA" is a two minute piece in which the performers, following a simple structure, proclaim their personal data. Adresses, login data to email and other accounts, bank details etc are given away. Although, the simultaneity of the disclosures renders the individual data sets incomprehensible.


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Past Performances:

Nov 4th, 2018
Berlin, Bethanien, Suono Mobile @ Klangwerkstatt
Jun 29th, 2018
Kansas City, Haw Contemporary, ECHOES
Apr 4th, 2018
Sydney, ES74, ECHOES 2: Transference SYD – BER, Sat & Sun 2 – 6
Sep 13th, 2017
Berlin, Galerie im Ratskeller, Berlin Lichtenberg, ECHOES, Group Exhibition
Sep 12th, 2017
Berlin, Galerie im Ratskeller, Berlin Lichtenberg, ECHOES, Vernissage
May 3rd, 2017
Prague, Paralelní Polis, Dělnická 43, Echofluxx, Video Screening of
Sep 10th, 2015
Berlin, Spandau, Historischer Keller, Vernissage: Ich kann nicht vergessen
Aug 15th, 2015
Ahrenshoop, Künstlerhaus, Lange Nacht der Kunst
Aug 3rd, 2014
Santiago, Santiago de Chile, Centro Cultural GAM, Personal Data
Nov 14th, 2013
Cologne, Stadtgarten, Ensemble Garage @ Tripclubbing


Video produced by M.Marcoll, 2014

Live @ GAM | Santiago de Chile
Concert of the International Composers Meeting 2014
Students of Composition
Universidad Catholica

Video Still