Finished 2013
for Subcontrabass Recorder (or bass clarinet) with Live-Electronics, Narrator, Samples, Percussion, Cello (or Violin), Double Bass (or Cello) and 5 Channel Tape
duration: 10'

The pieces of the "Compound"-Series are based on a collection of transcriptions of recordings of my personal environment. For "OPERATION ENOK" I partly abandonned the technique of precise transcription to achieve a more open relation between the "original" recordings, the tape and the performers. Of course, the tape does dictate a fix temporal structure which the performers have to follow, but almost everything else happens around it, not on top of it. My focus is not so much on an aural scanning of a flow of sound but on a side by side coexistence of several contexts. You will hear: A recording of a neighbour playing a Computer Game; Workers "clearing out" the flat of my neighbour, who had died, car breaks at the freedom square in Tbilisi, Georgia, as well as a collection of recordings of TV Game Shows.


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Past Performances:

Oct 18th, 2016
Berlin, BKA, electronic ID @ Unerhörte Musik
Oct 16th, 2016
Berlin, Konzerthaus, Echolot, Ensemble United
Sep 17th, 2016
Cologne, Rautenstrauch-Jost-Museum, electronic ID @ Kölner Musiknacht
Jan 16th, 2014
OE1, ORF, Radio, LFO @ ISCM
Nov 13th, 2013
Vienna, Porgy and Bess, LFO @ ISCM world new music days


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