Amproprification #3: Après un rêve, Gabriel Fauré

Finished 2016
for Voice (or Solo Instrument), Piano and automated amplification
duration: 3'30"

"Amproprifications" is a series of pieces for performers and electronics. The title is a combination of the terms "Appropriation" and "Amplification": In short, all "Amproprifications" are elaborate amplification layers for preexisting pieces by other composers.
The parts of the performers consist in the performance of scores by other composers. One specific score is performed for each piece in the series. Not a single note of the original's text is being altered, nothing is added, nothing is omitted, nothing is being changed in any way.
The electronics on the other hand solely consist of amplification. No additional sound whatsoever is being produced. The possibilities of interference span a large variety of movements, from almost inaudibly slow fadings to extremely fast and brutal chopping.
In a figure of speech, all "Amproprifications" are "silent" pieces. They themselves do not contain or produce any sound. They do, however, constitute filters, readings, processings of the original pieces.


Past Performances:

Sep 26th, 2020
Gudensberg, Atelierhaus Stadler Gerhardt, CLASH
Feb 26th, 2019
Genève, Studio Ernest Ansermet, Ensemble Contrechamps
Sep 28th, 2018
Mexico City, Goethe Institut, Opening Concert Installation: Amproprifications
Jun 29th, 2018
Kansas City, Haw Contemporary, ECHOES
Apr 4th, 2018
Sydney, ES74, ECHOES 2: Transference SYD – BER, Sat & Sun 2 – 6
Dec 8th, 2017
Stuttgart, Kunstraum 34, Suono Mobile @ Klangraum 2017
Nov 7th, 2017
Berlin, BKA, Kysela @ Unerhörte Musik
Oct 23rd, 2017
DLF Kultur, Radio, FREMD II: ALT – feature about appropriation in New Music
Oct 23rd, 2017
SWR2, Radio, Feature on Ampros by D. Wieschollek
Sep 15th, 2017
Berlin, Galerie im Ratskeller, Berlin Lichtenberg, ECHOES, Lange Nacht der Bilder
May 9th, 2017
Graz, Mumuth, Signale
Dec 17th, 2016
Palma, Palma de Mallorca, Teatre Principal, Sinkro @ Encontre Internacional
Nov 19th, 2016
Vitoria-Gasteiz, Conservatorio, Aula Magna, Espacio Sinkro @ Bernaola Festival
Nov 11th, 2016
Berlin, Bethanien, Amproprifications @ Klangwerkstatt
Sep 14th, 2016
Mexico City, Museo Universitario del Chopo, Liminar plays Marcoll
Sep 10th, 2016
Berlin, Pyramide Berlin-Hellersdorf, Espacio Sinkro @ Pyramidale


Amproprification #3: Après un rêve, Gabriel Fauré

Performed by Marie Schmit (Vc.) & M. Marcoll (Pno.)

Live recording of Amproprification #3 at Unerhörte Musik, BKA, Berlin, 07.11.2017, Mark Lorenz Kysela, Tenor Saxophone – M.Marcoll, Piano